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Adam Scarzo has been a fixture on the Midwest music scene for decades.

Whether through teaching thousands of lessons over the last 25 years, gracing stages around the country with a variety of musical acts, or through session recordings of radio and television commercials, you've probably heard or seen him more than once and not even realized it.  

Growing up in small-town Indiana, making friends wasn't always easy.  But all that changed when he found music.  Upon getting his first guitar at the age of 14, Adam found his voice.  After only 1 year of playing, he was already teaching lessons at his local music store at the age of 15.


During high school, Adam began his music theory studies and helped create a new curriculum upon completing all the advanced courses early.  Upon graduation, Adam attended the legendary Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  While at Berklee, Adam majored in songwriting while being surrounded by the best, up-and-coming musical minds in the world.  While eye opening and life-changing, the cost of big city life eventually sent Adam back home again to Indiana.


Adam moved directly to Bloomington and become involved with the amazing music community of Indiana University.  He spent the next 10 years touring, teaching and recording extensively.  During this same time, he received a degree in psychology with a concentration in child development.  Adam began incorporating these principles to customize each child’s lesson program to their development and learning style.


Upon the birth of his first child in 2014, Adam retired from the road but continued teaching privately. Now a father of 4 girls, Adam took time off from teaching during COVID to focus on fatherhood.  With the pandemic in the past, Adam is ready to get back to what he loves most—spreading joy through music and teaching everyone the one true, universal language.  Time to find your voice!!

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